Does ChatGPT replace the copywriter?

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Ever since copywriting tools such as ChatGPT became available to the general public, there has been an ongoing discussion. Does ChatGPT replace the copywriter? Where one group is convinced of this, the other believes that human copywriters will always be needed.

ChatGPT is an advanced language modeling technology that has changed the way we create content overnight. Young people are using it for their school assignments, people are having their cover letters written by AI and marketers are firing their copywriters because ChatGPT can now write their articles… But is this really so smart? What is the value of a good copywriter in 2024?

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

AI, also called artificial intelligence is a form of computer programming that allows machines to learn, act and think on a human level. AI is being used today to automate various everyday tasks, and many individuals and companies are taking advantage of it.

AI is already being used in many different industries, with healthcare and marketing being just a few examples. Many marketers are using AI in a variety of ways. For example, it can be a useful tool to identify customer data, but AI is also used to create blogs , newsletters and web copy writing.

ChatGPT is a hugely well-known AI tool, but how exactly does it work? The copywriting tool goes to work with the input you give it as a user. It uses the topics, key phrases and keywords you give and searches in its huge database. Part of this database is formed by all your previous assignments. This gives ChatGPT better insights into your desired word usage and tone of voice.

replaces chatgpt the copywriter

Are you a copywriter and getting nervous about all the pronouncements about the future of AI?

ChatGPT vs. The copywriter: Does ChatGPT replace the copywriter?

Who wins the battle: ChatGPT or the copywriter? Both AI and humans have their advantages, but who would companies rather work with in the future?

The benefits of artificial intelligence

Many copywriters see ChatGPT as a real competitor. But why exactly is that? Well, first of all, it’s amazing how quickly an AI tool creates content. Where a copywriter sometimes takes hours to produce strong text, ChatGPT does it in seconds. For many companies, this is hugely attractive because it increases productivity while lowering costs. It also allows companies to respond quickly to trends.

Another advantage of artificial intelligence is that a tool like ChatGPT can continue to learn. That way, you can adjust your prompts in a way that will only improve the quality of future work. People can learn, of course, but this takes us a little more time. For example, it takes a Dutch copywriter who is also good at English hours to translate a text, while ChatGPT can easily translate your text. And not only in English, but also in Spanish, French or Greek, all within minutes.

AI is not as good as many think after all

Of course, there are also many differences between humans and AI where humans dominate. For example, copywriters are characterized by their creative thinking. ChatGPT think only analytically. Also, the tool relies only on existing texts in the database, as a result, texts written by ChatGPT or similar tools cannot be called original or personal.

replaces chatgpt the copywriter

When you want a text to be written by ChatGPT, you must also provide the tool with an enormous amount of detailed input. For example, it is important to let them know what language you want your text delivered in, how many words the text should be, what the exact tone of voice is and more. This takes time and a lot of patience, especially if you are not yet completely satisfied with the outcome and need to edit it. Then you might as well have a professional write your text, right?

Are you looking for a strong, creative and unique text? Then you really do need a copywriter.

The power of a true copywriter

Human emotions

Copywriters have something AI lacks – human emotions. These emotions are enormously valuable. In fact, they allow us to incorporate them into the texts. As a result, compared to AI tools, copywriters’ texts tend to be a lot more stylistic. Think active, powerful sentences in the right tone of voice.

Reliable texts

Did you know that the free version of ChatGPT only has access to the information posted on the Internet until January 2022? Thus, if you want to write a text on a recent topic, the copy-tool will not be able to help you properly. In some cases, ChatGPT even tries to add information that is inaccurate. This can lead to texts being based on incorrect sources so that the entire text can no longer be seen as reliable. A copywriter with access to the entire Internet will be there for you to deliver the most reliable texts.


It has been mentioned before, but AI relies on an existing algorithm that results in analytical and formal texts. These texts often lack any kind of creativity. The lyrics are boring, monotonous and don’t really appeal. When you need texts that appeal to others, are unique and use your brand’s humorous tone of voice, using a copy-tool is not recommended. Computers can be useful, but we as humans are still a lot more creative.

Understanding SEO

Do you have the goal of writing texts for your website that will ensure your online findability improves? Then we do not recommend using copy tools. But why? There are two reasons for this: keyword stuffing and the Google algorithm.

  • Keyword stuffing: For good SEO text, your chosen keyword should be sufficiently reflected in the text. Copywriters know exactly how many times a keyword should appear in the text, but AI tools exaggerate this quite a bit. Tools like ChatGPT barely use synonyms, so the keyword appears too often in the text. This is called keyword stuffing. Google is not a fan of this at all and thus will not reward you with a high ranking in search results.
  • Google algorithm: Who knows, you may have heard the rumors, but Google is also not very happy with all the AI tools. In fact, the tools cause an increase in content with low originality. This reduces the ability of the search engine to meet the needs of the searcher. This also has disadvantages for you, since Google will not rank your web pages highly.

AI as a tool

So, copywriter? You are lucky! In fact, people much prefer to engage in cooperation with other people rather than with a computer. After all, as a human being, you are truly able to audience ! However, this does not mean that you should cast AI aside as a copywriter. The various language model technologies are very convenient to use. So not a competitor, but a tool. But how?

  • Suffering from writer’s block? ChatGPT can help you come up with ideas. You can use it as a source of inspiration. This can save you hours of time!
  • Have you already written a text, but need it to be posted on different platforms? Then ChatGPT can rewrite your texts for these channels. After all, a text for on LinkedIn should be a bit more formal than a text for on Instagram or Twitter.
  • You can use ChatGPT to research a particular topic you are going to write about.

The future of the copywriter

Does ChatGPT replace the copywriter? Or will it do so in the future? You can blow out your held breath, you know. Fortunately, the future of copywriters still looks very bright. All the different AI tools available will not take over your job. So, that’s nice!

Do you need copy for your website and after reading this blog, do you still want to have them written by a human copywriter? Then our copywriters are eagerly waiting for you.

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