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For any ambitious business, it is important to make sure the website looks good. Not only on a computer or laptop, but also on smartphones and tablets. From research shows that more than half of Web traffic today comes from mobile devices. It is therefore very important to make sure your website works as well on mobile as it does on computer! A responsive website is a site that automatically adapts to the size of each screen. This way, your website is highly visible on desktop, as well as on tablet and mobile.

Why is a need responsive website?

Obviously, you want to be able to reach your target audience on any device. Therefore, it is very important that your website is optimized for this. A website that is not responsive contributes to the dissatisfaction of your (potential) customers. You don’t want to have this! Having a responsive website created brings enormous benefits.

When you have your website created by Gaia Digital, it will be unique and custom built. You can expect a professional website that suits your target audience,
house style
and wants and needs.

A responsive website provides a better user experience for website visitors because the site adapts to the user’s device and screen size. The design avoids horizontal scrolling, zooming and other uncomfortable actions common to non-responsive Web sites. We ensure that users can easily navigate your site.

Responsive websites also have search engine optimization (SEO) benefits. Search engines such as Google or Bing prefer websites that are mobile-friendly. Having a responsive design causes the search engines to rank your site higher in search results than before. This leads to more traffic to your site.

Instead of building three different websites for the various devices (e.g., desktop, mobile, tablet), one responsive website is designed and developed that automatically adapts to the varying screen sizes. This saves time and costs!

With the rise of new devices and screen sizes, it is important to have a website that is ready for the future. A responsive website easily adapts to new and emerging technologies and devices. As a result, your investment in a responsive website will last longer.

As more and more people use the Internet on mobile devices such as phones and tablets, it is crucial to make sure your website performs well on smartphones and tablets. A responsive site allows mobile users to easily navigate, read text and perform actions, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversions.

Need a responsive website created?

You most likely landed on this page because you want your website made responsive. You can do this with us! At Gaia Digital, we follow this roadmap:
#1 Introduction
Collaboration can only work well if there is trust between the two parties! In an initial introductory meeting, we will build this up. We will also ask you some questions about the mission and vision, as well as the target audience.
#2 Gut test
With us, the customer always comes first. Therefore, we want to involve you as much as possible in the design process. We would love to hear what the preferences are. Through a gut test, we find this out.
#3 The initial design of the home page
First, we design an initial design of the homepage based on your requirements. This design will, of course, be responsive. So we show how the website will look on different screen sizes. You can give feedback on this first draft. It will be processed.
#4 Designing the website
Based on the feedback from the homepage, we design the other pages on the website. Again, we welcome feedback! With this, we create a website that truly suits you.
#5 Building the website
Are you satisfied with all the responsive designs? Beautiful! We will now begin building the website. Once this phase is complete, your new website can go live!

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