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How to build trust online? This is a question every entrepreneur should ask himself or herself. After all, trust is hugely important on the worldwide web. Whether you run a blog or are the owner of an online store, instilling a sense of trust is critical. Why is online trust so important and how can you instill this feeling in your visitors? In this article, we address all these questions and more. Curious? Read on quickly.

Why is online trust so important?

Trust is of enormous importance on the Internet; in fact, it is crucial. There are several reasons for this. First, it serves as the cornerstone of successful online interactions and transactions. Are you the owner of a webshop? Then more customers will choose your products or services when they feel that their information is safe and that they are dealing with a trustworthy webshop owner.

A high level of online trust also contributes to a positive brand reputation. Consumers are always inclined to choose the company they feel is most trustworthy. This (repeated) interaction can lead to customer loyalty and an improvement in brand reputation. Does your site or online store not excude trust? Then this can cause the opposite effect.

Online trust can additionally have a significant impact on the performance of your website or web site. Search engines such as Google place a huge value on the trustworthiness of websites when ranking them in search results. The more trust your online platform exudes, the more visible you are on the Internet. This can lead to increased web traffic, customers and online success.

So plenty of reason to take online trust seriously!

How to build trust online? This is how trust is determined!

You may now be wondering how online trust is determined. Think about it, when do you see a website as trustworthy? Chances are you don’t have a concrete answer to this question. And you’re not the only one! More than 95% of the thoughts, opinions and decisions we make in a day are unconscious. This happens automatically, quickly and without effort.

So our unconscious determines whether we trust a particular website or shop.
Yet there are plenty of ways for owners of online platforms to act on this unconscious thought process. For example, you can apply Cialdini’s 7 principles of influence or the rules of color psychology.

How to build trust online? Follow these 10 tips!

Does all this information about online trust rather overwhelm you and you’re not sure where to start? Don’t worry. Here we present 10 must do’s to build trust online.

Tip 1: Professional web design

When someone lands on your website or online store, the design of the page is the first thing they see. This should obviously look impressive, professional and reliable! The goal of a professional web design is to leave a positive first impression on visitors and potential customers.

Website visitors decide within just two seconds whether they want to linger on your website or prefer to “bounce” back to the search engine they came from. So, as an online business owner, it is hugely important to make sure you leave a good impression on visitors, making them want to spend more time on your website or online store.

Tip 2: Provide a secure online environment

One factor that is very important in creating online trust is the security of your website. When a visitor realizes that he or she is on a secure website is, this immediately creates a sense of security and trust.

As the owner of an online store or site, it is important to check that your website is using a secure connection. You can easily check this yourself in the address bar. Do you see https:// in the address bar? Then your website is secure! Indeed, the ‘s’ stands for ‘secure’. The secure state of your web page is confirmed by the presence of a lock!

How do you build trust online?

Would you like to have your website (or email address) tested for compliance with the latest Internet standards? Then get your site tested for free through!

Tip 3: Make sure your website is technically sound

How to build trust online? Always make sure that your website is technically sound. If something is wrong, the visitor will quickly notice. A glitch or error on the website has the effect of lowering visitor confidence in your page. This is a shame…

Another important factor is the responsiveness of your website. A responsive website is a site that automatically adapts to the size of each screen, from desktop to mobile and tablet. This is hugely important today. In fact, research shows that more than half of web traffic comes from mobile devices!

A website optimized for different devices contributes to the professionalism of your website, improved user experience, online findability and future-proofing of your site.

Tip 4: Show who you are

People trust other people more than they trust a website or web shop. Therefore, show visitors to your web page who is behind your company. This not only excudes trust but also sympathy!

Therefore, the presence of an “about us” or “team” page on your website or online store is very important. These types of pages allow you to present your company’s identity and values. In addition, these types of pages are a good way to make your business a little more human.

As an online business owner, it helps to put a face to the names and titles within your company. Make sure your visitors get to know you well! This has several positive consequences! This allows you to strengthen the personal connection with the visitor, builds trust and sets you apart from the competition.

Tip #5: Social proof (but stay honest!)

How to build trust online? By letting your visitors know that those who went before them were satisfied with your content on offer! Man is a herd animal that is hugely influenced by the behavior and opinions of others. By showing your visitors that others are satisfied with you, they are more likely to take action!

How do you build trust online?

So make sure there is plenty of social proof on your website. Consider (positive) customer references, a case study or numbers on the homepage. You can also place a list of prominent customers on your web page. This helps radiate reliability.

Social proof builds trust, but it is important not to strike out in this. It is not necessary to post dozens or hundreds of reviews on your website. In fact, an abundance of positivity is counterproductive and creates doubt and suspicion. So definitely use social affirmation, but stay honest and don’t strike out!

Tip 6: Display certificates and badges

As a business owner, it is important to show that you are an expert in your field. By displaying certificates and badges, you can show that you have authority. This commands not only trust, but also respect.

So, how to build trust online? Show that you are affiliated with a seal of approval, display nominations or awards won, and place badges with certain guarantees prominently on your website. Despite the fact that a stamp with “100% satisfaction guarantee” does not have to mean much in terms of content, it does create a sense of trust with website visitors.

Tip 7: Clear contact information

It is important to communicate as clearly as possible with your potential customers and website visitors. A website that shares all the necessary information transparently is seen as a lot more trustworthy than web pages that do not.

One of the most important types of information people look for is contact information. So give this information a prominent place on the website. You want to avoid misunderstandings about how website visitors can contact you.

The presence of contact information also lets visitors know that you are willing to talk, help or inform them. Subconsciously, this creates a sense of respect and trust in website visitors.

Tip 8: Be present on social media

Are you and your company active on social media? Then show this clearly on your website or webshop! You can do this through links to your Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook or X account. It is not only useful to reference from your website to your social media accounts, but also from your social media to your site!

If you link to one or more social media accounts on your website, it is important to be active on these accounts as well. Create a content schedule for yourself and stick to it. Consistency builds trust with your followers, website visitors and potential customers.

Tip 9: Post quality content regularly

You now know that a positive first impression is of enormous importance. In addition, building sympathy, trust and respect is crucial. One way you can do this is through the content you post, think of it as a blog! Poorly written content full of spelling and grammar errors, intrusive writing and pieces of text that are not intended for the target audience have a negative impact on trust in your business.

So quality content is very important. In addition, it is important to post regularly, as consistency plays a big role in building trust. Make a schedule for yourself and upload content on set days.

So do yourself a favor and put some extra time into the content you publish. Is this something you are struggling with? No problem! Then hire a professional copywriter!

Tip 10: Keep your promises!

The tenth and final tip is hugely important! Perhaps the most important tip of all in this list and the answer to the question “How to build trust online?” While the above tips are tools for gaining the trust of website visitors, in the end, it all boils down to one thing: delivering on your promises.

Provide good service, be honest and transparent, treat your customers with respect, offer them good products and services, and always go the extra mile. It is appreciated! By keeping your promises, you will build a good and trustworthy reputation. And this is what you want! This is because a negative reputation spreads quickly and it is extremely difficult to get rid of it. So make sure it never comes to that.

How to build trust online? – A conclusion

Now that you know how to build trust online, it’s time to get started with the tips above. Need help? Then you’ve come to the right place at Gaia Digital. We are happy to help you set up a website or web shop that is reliable and inspires trust in visitors.

Want to optimize your current website or start with a clean slate? At Gaia Digital, customers’ needs and desires are always our number one priority. Whether you need help making your website responsive or getting content written, we do it! So, what can we help you with?

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