One page website creation

Want a simple website created with not too many pages and fuss? Then a one page website is for you! A one page website is a site that consists of a single page. This page contains all the important information and content you want to share with your target audience. On a so-called one pager immediately becomes clear what your company or organization offers. This clarity is very important because it makes people spend more time on your website.

Why choose a one page website?

When your target audience lands on your website, it is very important to make sure that your (potential) customers spend as much time here as possible. A one pager is very user-friendly, which ensures that this goal is easy to achieve. There are numerous benefits!

A one-page website has a faster loading time than a usual website with multiple pages. This is because there is only one page to load. This fast loading time contributes positively to the user experience of your website visitors.

With a one pager, all information is logically on one page. This makes it a lot easier for the visitor to navigate your site. A visitor can simply scroll down or use a practical menu.

A simple one-page website requires a lot less maintenance than a website with multiple pages. This is very time and cost saving in the long run. Do you still want to make a change? No problem, this is done in no time.

Because building a one page website is relatively easy, it is easy to make it responsive. This means that your website adapts perfectly to different screen sizes, from a laptop screen to a small phone screen.

By arranging the single page as optimally and smartly as possible, you can ensure that a site visitor is guided through the different stages of the sales funnel. This is how you attract attention, arouse interest, create desire and get the visitor to take action. And without having to navigate between different pages.

Because a visitor does not have to navigate between different pages, he or she can quickly and easily find the desired information. This user-friendly element can ensure higher engagement and more conversions.

Need a one page website created?

You most likely landed on this page because you want to have a one page website created. You can do this with us! At Gaia Digital, we follow this roadmap:

#1 Introduction
Collaboration can only work well if there is trust between the two parties! In an initial introductory meeting, we will build this up. We will also ask you some questions about the mission and vision, as well as the target audience.
#2 Gut test
With us, the customer always comes first. Therefore, we want to involve you as much as possible in the design process. We would love to hear what the preferences are. Through a gut test, we find this out.
#3 The first draft
First, we design an initial design of the page based on your requirements. This design will, of course, be responsive. By applying multiple rounds of feedback, we create a website that truly suits you.
#4 Building the website
Are you satisfied with the design? Beautiful! We will now begin building the website. Once this phase is complete, your new website can go live!

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