De Meergronden

UI/UX Design - Development

The client

De Meergronden is a comprehensive school located in Almere. The school offers all levels within secondary education and is known for the bilingual education they provide. In addition, the school has a diverse and inclusive community of both students and teachers. In the stimulating learning environment, students are encouraged to develop their academic and personal potential.

High schools recruit hundreds of new students each year. Thus, it is very important that both parents and students land on a clear and attractive website during the orientation process.

De Meergronden

The process

De Meergronden’s website was in need of a thorough refresh. Together we developed a plan of action. Based on several conversations, gut-testing and an initial design, the brand identity of the new website was determined.

After designing the homepage, the rest of the website was designed and developed. We ensured that the entire website reflects the progressive vision of the school community.

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