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Web design is a field that never stands still. With technological innovations, changing user preferences and the dynamic nature of the Internet, web design is constantly evolving! What is in now was completely irrelevant a year ago. And web design trends 2024 will be replaced by other developments in 2025!

Despite the dynamic online world, we like to dwell on the here and now. Wondering what this year’s most influential web design trends are? We will outline the 6 most important web design trends 2024 in this blog. Curious? Then read on quickly!

Trend 1: Advanced AI and machine learning

You’ve probably seen this trend coming, so we’ll get right to the point. AI and machine learning will continue to evolve and become increasingly important in 2024.

AI is developing rapidly and becoming more accessible to the general public, as well as to web designers. Stuck writing text for a web page? Then use a tool like ChatGPT. Do remember that AI tools are not suitable for producing final end products (so don’t be afraid, they won’t replace you), but they serve as the perfect tools. So put them in especially!

What can you use Artificial Intelligence for? For delivering customized user experiences! Website visitors want to have their needs met as quickly as possible. AI can help you customize content based on your visitors’ preferences and behavior. Handy anyway!

Web designers who embrace AI and machine learning will be able to offer hugely personalized interactions. In addition, the designers’ work processes will be supported by the various AI tools. This allows you to get to work faster and more efficiently.

Trend 2: Digital accessibility

One trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years is digital accessibility. What exactly does the trend mean for the web designer? Creating designs that are accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities. Consider people who are blind, deaf or color-blind, as well as those with dyslexia or cognitive disabilities.

Web design trends 2024: digital accessibility. How many Dutch people need digital accessibility?

The figure above shows that some 7.4 million Dutch people have a need for digital accessibility. This is about 40% of the Dutch population!

This trend is therefore high on the list in 2024. This is mainly due to the upcoming 2025 EU legislation, the European Accessibility Act. In one year, all apps and websites will be required to comply with the international accessibility guidelines. The goal is to no longer exclude anyone on the Internet.

Functional designs

Digital accessibility goes hand in hand with the functionality of a website or app design. There is quite a bit involved here… Contrary to what many people think, web design is much more than applying a client’s corporate identity and choosing some shapes and fonts.

A good web designer makes design choices based on the client’s needs, but also on psychology. Consider, for example, color psychology or Cialdini’s principles of influence. So in this way, a web designer not only delivers a design that looks great, but is also high quality functionally.

Example Threshold-free web design trends 2024: digital accessibility.
Image source: homepage

When is a design digitally accessible?

A design can be classified as accessible if anyone can use your website or app. Here you can think of the following elements:

  • Forms designed to be user-friendly
  • Texts that are easy to read (on all devices)
  • Designs with sufficient color contrast between texts and images
  • The ability to enlarge texts
  • Images provided with a description

Is your website not yet digitally accessible? Then quickly have a new website that meets all future obligations!

Trend 3: Sustainable and eco-friendly design

Every day we are confronted with news about the environment. From global warming to ocean acidification and from fossil fuel use to air pollution. More and more individuals are taking these problems more and more seriously. However, it’s not just individuals making eco-friendly choices; companies are also putting sustainability high on the agenda.

As a web designer in 2024, it is important to do the same. Making digital services and products sustainable has more impact than you think! Did you know that while loading a web page you already emit around 0.58 grams of CO2? This may not seem like much, but when your website is visited by 10,000 people, emissions quickly rise to 2.6 kilograms of CO2!

Sample Greenpeace web design trends 2024: sustainable and environmentally friendly design.
Image source: Sustainability web landing page by Dan Tegzes.

Sustainable web design: how?

Are you a web designer who wants to contribute to the world? Then Green UX your solution. The big question now is “how can you continue to design and develop in an environmentally conscious way?

  • Sustainable hosting: choose web hosting services that use green energy, such as solar or wind power.
  • Minimalist design: minimalist designs are not only very popular, they are also durable! This is because a minimalist design requires less code, images and resources, so you reduce the ecological footprint of the site or app.
  • Eco-friendly design: optimize pages, images and videos for faster load times and use a dark mode to contribute to energy savings on devices.
  • Energy-efficient work practices: in addition to the services and products you provide, it is of course important to focus on energy-efficient work practices. In the office, use LED lighting, minimize paper use and use energy-efficient equipment.

Making web design more sustainable is a trend that will become increasingly popular in 2024. Not only will your customers appreciate this effort, the world will thank you.

Trend 4: Immersive 3D elements

Looking for a way to take the user experience to the next level? Then follow the trend of using immersive 3D elements. The use of these design elements is not only impressive, it also contributes greatly to storytelling and conveying information.

Are you creating a design for an online store? The addition of 3D modeling can allow potential buyers to experience the products before buying them. Are you designing an educational page? 3D elements here have the power to simplify information in a dynamic and visual way. Very useful and valuable for your customers!

As a web designer, do you apply few or no 3D elements yet? No problem! With the advancement of technologies such as Three.js and WebGL, the use of immersive elements is becoming increasingly accessible.

Sample HelloBuilder web design trends 2024: immersive 3D elements.
Image source: Hello Builder Website by Hero.

Remember, however, that successful use of 3D elements requires careful balance. An abundance of the use of immersive elements creates a sense of distraction or overwhelm for website or app visitors. So definitely follow this trend, but only apply when the design calls for it!

Trend 5: New google ranking method

Quick! Optimize your website! In fact, Google is adding a new ranking method in March of 2024. This is one of the most important web design trends 2024! In addition to factors such as strong content, link building and mobile optimization, Google is introducing a new rating criterion by which the search engine determines how high you appear in search results: Interaction to Next Paint, also known as INP.

At first, this trend may not sound relevant to the web designer, but don’t blindly slide this information to the SEO expert! After all, as a designer, you do have a say in the new evaluation criterion.

INP measures how much time elapses between a user input, such as a click, and the next UI update. According to Google, an INP shorter than 200 milliseconds is good. An INP above 500 milliseconds is rated “poor. So as a web designer, starting in March, it is extra important to consider the load speeds of the sites and apps you design and build. Aim for those 200 milliseconds and improve your website’s findability!

Trend 6: Bento grid

The “Bento Grid” is a design concept you will see more and more in 2024. The concept is inspired by Japanese bento lunch boxes. The focus of this design is on the attractive and efficient layout of web pages. Where a Bento box presents dishes in an ordered manner, web designers present images, text elements and buttons in an ordered and structured manner.

Web design trends 2024: Bento Grid. An example of how to use the Japanese Bento Box as inspiration for an online portfolio site.
Image source: Bento CV card by Vlad Karpov.

What makes the Bento Grid unique? The focus on balance and proportion. Each element on the website or app is given its own space. This ensures that all information is displayed clearly and conveniently. This works very pleasant for the user.

The Bento Grid can be used for many different types of sites and apps. From e-commerce designs and personal portfolios to event apps and informative websites. Very versatile, in other words! Will you be jumping on this trend in 2024?

Web design trends 2024 – a conclusion?

So, now you are aware of the trends and developments in the world of web design. Each of the above six trends will be widely adopted by web designers around the world. And not without reason! Are you looking for a design for your site? Then you’ve come to the right place. At Gaia Digital, we are always here for you!

Whether you’re looking for a site that follows one of the above trends, or something completely different, we can help. At Gaia Digital, customers’ wants and needs always come first. Tell me, what are you looking for?

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