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Want to tinker with your online presence and grow your business? Do you want to stand out from competitors? Are you looking for a WordPress specialist in Amsterdam? Then you’ve come to the right place at Gaia Digital. We build unique custom websites with a focus on user experience, conversion and authenticity. Interested? Please feel free to contact.

Why a WordPress website?

At Gaia Digital, we understand the power of WordPress and consider it the best choice for optimizing your online presence. WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system. The largest companies in the world use it. For example, the sites of Samsung, Sony, Mercedes Benz and Forbes are also built with WordPress!

WordPress is tremendously suitable for building unique, aesthetic and functional websites. The program can meet almost any need. And when the site is ready, it’s time for you to add content! Fortunately, WordPress has a tremendously user-friendly interface, making it easy for you to manage content, modify pages and add new features.

Numerous possibilities

Based on your corporate identity, wishes and needs, we design and build professional websites. From designing an attractive and user-friendly layout to building a conversion-oriented website. We make sure that the site not only looks great, but that it functions properly.

Do you want to sell products or services online? Then a well-functioning web shop is enormously important. With the e-commerce software within WordPress, WooCommerce we build beautiful web shops with all the e-commerce functionalities you need to guarantee your (potential) customers a smooth and pleasant shopping experience.

Starting a blog is a great way to share your expertise with others. We enjoy creating a blog that looks great and is easy to manage. This way, you can add and edit new content without any headaches.

Do you want to reach a global audience with your WordPress website? You can do this! With various plugins, your Dutch web texts are translated into English, Spanish, German, French and Chinese, among other languages. With a multilingual website, you can reach your target audience anywhere.

Do you already have a WordPress site, but are not satisfied and want it revamped? Then, too, you’ve come to the right place at Gaia Digital. Based on your wants and needs, we optimize your current site to improve user experience, online findability and future-proofing.

Would you like a simple website consisting of just a single page? Then a onepager definitely something for you. A onepager makes it immediately clear what your company or organization has to offer. A simple site with a lot of impact!

More than half of web traffic today comes from mobile devices! Therefore, it is important that your website is optimized for not only a computer screen, but also for a tablet or mobile. A responsive website is a site that automatically adapts to the size of each screen.

WordPress websites do very well in Google’s algorithm. This is great because this makes you more likely to be found in search results. WordPress has several SEO plugins that can dramatically improve your search engine rankings. We are ready to help you optimize this position!

Why Gaia Digital?

At Gaia Digital, we specialize in designing and building unique websites. We work closely with you and find your opinions and views immensely valuable. We would love to hear what your company’s needs and goals are and will start the design process based on that.

The design and construction of a WordPress website has several phases, and here several specialists work closely together. Fortunately, Gaia Digital is an agency where all of these specialists are under one roof.

  • The UX/UI designer focuses on the user experience and user interface of your site. They ensure that your site is both aesthetic and functional.
  • The front-end developer is responsible for converting the design into working web pages.
  • The back-end developer focuses on all technical aspects of the site.
  • The copywriter writes strong texts for the target audience as well as Google.
  • The SEO specialist makes sure your website is found in Google.

Are you ready to strengthen your online presence with the help of a WordPress specialist in Amsterdam? We are here for you. Contact us today for a completely free consultation about all of your options.

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